3 All Natural Deodorants For The Wellness Conscious Gal

If you asked me three years ago whether I’d use a natural deodorant alternative to the regular big-brand labels I’d say a big fat ‘hell no!’ Not because I thought all-natural alternatives were bogus, but purely because I had never even tried an all-natural alternative and the thought of using something other than what I’d used for practically my entire life seemed strange. And, if I’m honest, I never thought the natural alternatives would actually work – and NO ONE wants to be that stinky girl in the office.

Fast forward a few years and I’m so much more attuned to what I want for my health and wellbeing, and using a product where I am not familiar with its ingredients (and their potential long-term effects on my body) is something I am not interested in sticking with.

For some, the trope of living a ‘low-tox life’ is something they have no issues with rolling their eyes at. Living in a way that resembles our grandparents, or great grandparents way of living is just not a priority for those people and that’s okay. I would never try and convince somebody that what they do in their daily life is wrong because in life there is never a scenario where one size fits all. For me, I had been reading a little about the potential harm we could be causing our selves and our environment through the use of chemicals and toxins in a large number of products, including the ones we put directly on our body, and this was enough to cause me to want to create a change in my habits.

I am not going to pretend that I am 100% ‘all natural’ when it comes to the products I use daily because that’s just not the case. I still use regular soaps, body wash, shampoos, makeup and the like. But I thoguht if I can start with one small step towards a more natural alternative to some of my every-day products deodorant is where I’d start.

I have personally tried and tested the following products in an attempt to find something that truly works for me. My fiancee Travis has also been using these products and funnily enough, some of these work better for him than they do for me, which once again proves the point that not everything will suit everyone. If you’ve ever considered an all-natural deodorant alternative I recommend you try one of these guys and let me know what you think?

Rohr Remedy Australian Bush Medicines

This was the first natural, aluminium-free deodorant I tried that was scented and I really love the smell! This particular scent is called Australian Wildflower and it really has that earthy, bush aroma. It really is beautiful. It comes in a smaller 30ml glass roll on bottle which I actually love because it easily fits in my makeup case when traveling. It contains Australian wildflower essential oils including Rosalina, Kunzea and Fragonia. I love that this deodorant includes essential oils because I use oils in my daily life and truly believe in their healing properties, plus they’re antibacterial as well!

I’ve found this deodorant lasts mostly all day. I often feel I can use a touch up on really hot days by the afternoon. This particular deodorant has a strong scent and smells amazing once I’ve applied it. The scent does die down over time but it feels fresh and uplifting when it’s applied.

I bought mine online from Concious Kin.

natural deodorant


Alaffia Deodorant activated charcoal & reishi

I really love this deodorant! Travis also swears by this deodorant and uses it daily. Originally when we first started trailing natural alternatives I didn’t think anything would be strong enough for a man like Trav who works 12-hour shifts in stifling heat and humidity underground in the mines but this one works! This particular product comes in a wind-up roller bottle. The texture of the product is a bit like a solidified cream block, but rolls on easily and smells lovely. I love the hint of lavender and I’m not a huge fan of the scent typically. It doesn’t smell too girly either so it’s perfect for both males and females.

I find for me, I actually need to re-apply this roll on in the afternoon so I carry mine in my handbag in case I feel I need a top up on hot days. Travis on the other hand doesn’t have an issue with having to re-apply and finds it lasts him all day which is great!

This brand offers other ‘flavours’ in this range but we’ve stuck with the coconut lavender.

We bought ours from The Daily Scoop wholefood store, but you can also buy this online directly from Alaffia.

natural deodorant

Wild Nature Crystal Aloe Deodorant Spray

This was the first deodorant Travis and I tried together and although it’s not my favourite of the three, Travis really liked this one and found it worked for him! This product is unlike anything I’ve seen before and we were super intrigued by it when we visited the store in Byron Bay during our holiday last year. The deodorant is actually a crystal and topped up with aloe. Over time the crystal starts to break down. This deodorant has no scent and is applied with a small spray nozzle. Travis really liked this particular product but I preferred the others, personally. Still, this was an awesome gateway into trialling alternative products, and I loved the idea of the crystal! I found this product goes on a bit watery, and I have a habit of over using it and spraying too much then I would end up with drips down my armpits which was not cool. I’d still recommend this product, plus it’s all Aussie made which is awesome.

We bought ours from a Wild Nature store in Byron Bay.

natural deodorant

If you choose to try any of the above products, please be sure to check out the ingredients in each product to ensure they will suit your own body’s needs and requirements. I am not paid by any of the above mentioned product companies, I just love trialling new products that work for me! Let me know if you do trial any of these products, I’d love to hear your reviews!

Ellie xx