8 Ways to Achieve Scandinavian Style At Home

Scandinavian design has become one of the most popular styles throughout recent years. The calming simplicity of this style along with its harmoniously combined elements brings a sense of peacefulness and freshness to homes around the world. Characterised by minimalism, simplicity and functionality, Scandinavian style creates an atmosphere of serenity and subtle elegance. A touch of nature is what gives it a lively, energetic look while craftsmanship adds to its authenticity. And even though it accentuates minimalist simplicity, this design exudes cosiness and comfort. And with these basic principles, you’ll be able to introduce the Scandinavian stylishness to your home, as well.

Mind the form and function

Functional design and clean lines are some of the most distinctive features of Scandinavian style. These characteristics can create an ambiance of simplicity that this style promotes. Furniture with clean, soft lines and smooth rounded edges exude subdued elegance while practical storage adds to the functionality of a highly liveable space.

scandi style

Photo/styling by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle

Eliminate clutter

When it comes to Scandinavian design, simplicity is one of its key principles, which means that there is simply no room for clutter. Scandinavian-inspired homes feature wide, open spaces where every item has its place. Clutter, on the other hand, can create a messy, cramped look that isn’t in the spirit of this style. Thus, anyone who wants to create the Scandinavian elegance in their own home needs to get rid of clutter first. Decluttering might be tiresome, but it’s a necessary step for giving your home a Scandinavian-inspired look.

scandi style

Photo by Maree Homer via My Domaine.

Add Greenery

Every Scandinavian home has a touch of nature that gives it a natural, organic appeal. By introducing big, leafy plants and fresh flowers, you’ll energise your home while also adding a splash of soothing green that goes perfectly with a subtle colour scheme of neutral hues. You should also go with plants with stunning natural patterns, which are one of the biggest plant trends for 2018.

scandi styke

Photo via The Bower.

Stick to muted colours

Scandinavian design is dominated by a palette of neutral, muted hues. Not only do colours, such as whites, blacks, greys and browns, capture the spirit of simplicity and minimalism, but they can also create an illusion of spaciousness and make a home look more open and brighter. In addition, a neutral palette can create a stunning backdrop to occasional pops of dusty pinks, ashy blues and rich sea greens that truly energise a space. Furthermore, muted colours create an ambiance of serenity and tranquillity that is also present in Scandinavian design.

Photo by Derek Swalwell.

Play with rich materials

Although Nordic homes feature minimalist, simple designs with no clutter, they certainly don’t look sterile or cold. Instead, layers of textured materials keep them warm and cosy. Wool, sheep skin, soft cotton and mohair will create a deep, layered look in a Scandinavian-inspired home and create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness.

You can also evoke a feeling of unmatched comfort in your bedroom by matching quality and comfy mattress with simple, elegant bed frame. Use some complementary linens and pillows or even some plush cushions and let the Scandinavian design come to life.

scandi style

Photo by Jacqui Turk via Three Birds Renovations.

Minimise decorations

Just a few simple yet tasteful decorations are what gives character to a Scandinavian-inspired home. Too many accessories can easily lead to visual clutter that is far from welcome in this design. Simple décor accents, such as throw pillows with geometric patterns, ceramic vases and elevated artwork, will create a beautiful effect. Scandinavian design accentuates the importance of quality over quantity, so it’s better to choose just a few enchanting accent details.

scandinavian style

Photo via Inside Out Magazine.

Maximise natural lighting

As already mentioned, Scandinavian design emphasises spaces characterised by simplicity and openness and lighting has a crucial role in achieving this look. Lighting is the key element in Scandinavian design, with lighting fixtures being in industrial style. Of course, natural light is the primary goal, so many Nordic homes feature wide, bare windows. When it comes to artificial lighting, LEDs that emit a bright white glow will create a natural effect. Finally, candles are also a desired feature that will bathe your home in a soft, whimsical glow.

scandinavian style

Photo by Petra Bindel via Nordic Space Design.

Use open shelving

Storage is an important element in Scandinavian design because it keeps a space organised and clutter at bay. In particular, multileveled open shelving with stunning dinnerware embellishes the walls of Scandinavian-inspired kitchens and dining rooms. Unique patterns exhibited on simple yet stylish shelves stand perfectly against the neutral backdrop of muted tones and creates a mesmerising visual appeal dominated by elegant simplicity.

Scandinavian style

Photo via The Block & Ceasar Stone bench tops.

Scandinavian design will introduce a sense of peacefulness to your home and transform it into a simple yet elegant sanctuary.


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