How to nail your professional photo shoot

Getting professional photographs taken of yourself for business purposes is essential these days. Your clients want to be able to put a face to the person behind the social media account, website or voice on the phone. Professional photos are not only great for your website ‘About Me’ page, they can form part of your content and marketing across your social media platforms.

If you’re a bit shaky in front of the camera and would rather do literally anything else other than dress up for a photo shoot – don’t be discouraged! I’ve spoken with incredibly talented freelance photographer Amy Louise Allen of Amy Louise Photography and Design who has kindly shared her top tips on how to nail your next professional photo shoot!

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How to nail your professional photo shoot (with advice from Amy Louise Allen)

When it comes to small business marketing, social media plays a huge role in promotion and engagement. Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms for showcasing your businesses’ values, introducing your team and sharing work with current and potential clients. This is when we can start to talk about photography for your business! It doesn’t have to be boring, stiff head shots of all your staff, especially if you’re a creative business or someone who wants to push the boundaries a little.

When I meet with clients for their commercial photography, most of the time they are after quite candid, casual shots of their staff in their work environment, doing what they do every day. Where possible (and appropriate), I like to have fun with it! These are some of my tips on how to nail your professional photography session for work…

Be casual and authentic

Don’t try and portray something you’re not. If you’re a café, get some shots of your staff working the coffee machine, interacting with customers, or having fun behind the counter. You want your photos to be the best representation of your business as possible, so that when your images are viewed it makes people want to visit your business or use your services!

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Dress comfortably or suitably for your role

When it comes to what to wear, if you have a specific uniform that you wear daily, use that for your photos. Otherwise be sure to dress comfortably and suitably for your work. If you’re a photographer, don’t get dressed up in a formal dress and heels because chances are that’s not how you dress when you’re working! Keep it fun, relaxed and again, make sure it reflects your business.

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Keep it simple and brief

There’s no need to go out shooting for hours at a whole heap of different locations if you don’t need to but, be sure to get a variation of images so that you have lots to work with. Use environments that are relevant to you and your business and think about what you want to use your photos for. Communicate with your photographer prior to the session what kind of images you’re after, and even provide examples so that they have a clear idea of how you want your session to go.

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Happy snapping! xx

All photos by Amy Louise Photography and Design.


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