Inspiring Woman: 10 Mins with Health Coach Jo Fincham

I can not describe how excited I am to be sharing this interview with you! This is my first (of many) 1:1 interviews with incredibly inspiring, motivating and passionate female entrepreneurs just like you!

Today I’m sharing my interview with the beautiful Joanna Fincham – author, health/lifestyle coach and founder of The Nourish Nook.

Here Jo shares a little about her life and how she pushed through some tough life struggles to now run a successful business in the ever-popular wellness industry. I know you’ll love her story as much as I do! Thank you for being here Jo! xx

Health Coach Jo Fincham


Thanks for being here Jo! Can you explain to TDDC readers a little about your business, how long you’ve been in business and what services you provide?

The Nourish Nook is an inspirational go-to blog/social media outlet to inspire and motivate.  However, the main focus is my Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching.

I provide many services within the business.  Firstly, my 6-month programs with my Health and Lifestyle Coaching.  This sees clients sign up to a 6-month program where we meet either in person, over the phone or via Skype for fortnightly, one hour sessions for 6 months.  The sessions have the sole purpose to help clients gain maximum health, well-being, vitality, happiness and inner peace.  I help clients reach their goals, find out what is blocking these goals from coming to fruition, help clients overcome fears as well as helping them achieve maximum happiness.  It’s a lovely one-on-one process which is also a lot of fun!

I also provide a service called Pantry Makeovers.  This is where I visit homes of people who want a healthy pantry.  I come and take a non-judgmental look through your pantry as it is, guide them as to what is healthy and what is not-so-healthy, and take them on a shopping trip.  It’s fun and informative!  I also have a series of workshops I’m currently taking.  (If you would like me to visit your town or city, please feel free to contact me!)  I am also a motivational speaker, MC and author.

How did you come to start The Nourish Nook and did you face any challenges when launching the business?

I came to start my business through my own journey into health and well-being.  I’m not afraid to say that I was extremely unhealthy for many years.  When I moved from Melbourne to country South Australia, I fell in love with nature, the great outdoors, the fresh air and started growing my own vegetables etc.  It was then that I discovered how amazing you can feel just through the food you put in your body.  I began to notice how nourishing yourself with good food, exercise, meditation and nature can transform your life.

Having suffered a debilitating eating disorder for many years, I penned an autobiography (Out Of The Blue) about my journey and steps to recovery.  I realized I wanted to do more, so I started motivational speaking.  I went on to study through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in New York to become a qualified Health and Lifestyle Coach.  I am now working with clients to help guide them to assist them to feel as amazing as I do!

What goals do you hope to achieve within your business?

I’m not sure if this sounds egotistical, but to change lives!  Nothing excites me more than clients telling me they have never felt better and that I’ve helped them get to that point in their life.  To me, this is the best gift in the world.  I also hope to carry on with my speaking and workshops and an e-book of healthy, easy recipes is coming!  I also have ideas for another book on the way.  Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on the health and wellness industry? The industry seems to be growing at a rapid pace and new books and tips to living a healthy lifestyle seem to be popping up all the time – this can only be a good thing, right?

Definitely!  I believe the world is under new management.  People who are taking interest in their health and well-being, as well as inner peace and connecting to their spirit. I believe people working in the wellness industry must be authentic, though.  I believe people can sniff out if someone is not genuine straight away.  I walk my talk and genuinely want to help others.  Not for my benefit, but for theirs.  The more healthy bodies in this world, the better!

Some people may recognize you from your appearance on The Farmer Wants A Wife television series where you met your lovely husband Rob. Since moving to the farm have you found being located rurally has been advantageous to your business model? Or are there any difficulties to running your business from a rural area?

I must admit, I was a little worried about living in a rural area and running a well-being business.  However, my workshops and talks have been so well received in my home town, (Mount Gambier, SA)  and most of my clients are local.  I have tapped into a market here that nobody else is really doing, so to bring my expertise, help and knowledge to the people of Mount Gambier and surrounding areas is great.  My consults can be done on the phone or via Skype, so I can work with anybody in the world!  So, no, I think living in this region and actually been quite advantageous.  There are a lot of coaches in capital cities.

What do you love about living in the country?

What’s not to love!?  The fresh air, the animals, the beautiful communities, nature, local produce, vegetable gardens, farmers markets.  And no traffic!  I still visit Melbourne on a regular basis, however after 3 or so days, I have had my fix and want to get home to the quieter way of life.  I also love when friends visit and you can literally see them unwinding before your eyes.

I have two daughters, also, plus another on the way in October.  Bringing up children on a working farm is the most amazing start for their future.  They not only learn about farming, but life lessons.  Life and death, looking out for one another, respecting nature, having responsibilities and doing your jobs!


In your autobiography Out Of The Blue you talk about having moved through a period in your life which was quite tumultuous where depression was something you battled with, how has your life changed since releasing your book and how do you stay positive and motivated  on a daily basis?

My life has completely changed. When I wrote my story, it was never even supposed to be published!  It was simply a healing tool for me when I moved to the farm from Melbourne.  I went through a lot of pretty tough times including a debilitating eating disorder, depression and self harm.

When I moved to the farm, I had a relapse with my eating and mental health and Rob suggested I write a kind of journal.  I did, and 80,000 words later, I had my life, my struggles and my recovery on paper.  After a friend read it, she suggested it get published as it could help so many, and it did.  It reached #3 in Australia for 5 weeks for non-fiction and the positive response I received from readers was overwhelming.

That’s when I decided to study and go into Health Coaching to continue helping people and changing lives for the better. If it hadn’t been for a sort-of ‘accidental publishing’, I would never be where I am now!

I keep motivated by continuing to eat nutritious food.  My body sort of shuts down when I don’t, and I can feel how it even effects my moods, mental health and sleep. I read a lot of self-help books and listen to countless lectures by health experts on Youtube.  I love posting motivational tips for people on my social media pages and reading the responses.  And I practice my spiritual practice every day.  Either by meditation, walking in nature, counting my blessings, practicing gratitude and generally being positive.  This life is ours to enjoy!

What tips or advice can you provide to other women out there looking to start their own business?

Find your purpose and your passion.  It’s that simple.  For me, my purpose is to help others to reach their optimum health, well-being, vitality, happiness and inner peace.  And to simply be an ear for people.  Sometimes, that’s all they need – someone to listen and give their time.

People always tell me that they feel they can tell me anything, so I use this with my coaching.  Never say no to opportunities.  Never doubt yourself – everyone has to start somewhere.  Don’t compare yourself to others or try to copy anybody.  Sure, gain inspiration, but never copy.  And love what you do!

Do you have any tips for busy women trying to run a business and balance their home life who want to stay healthy and positive?

Only do what you can do.  We can have a tendency to try to fit more and more in and achieve everything to the highest level.  And sometimes, this just isn’t realistic.  I had a period where I wanted to do everything at once.  Workshops, talks, clients etc.  But, I realized that I got so much more out of everything when I slowed down a little and just took one step at a time.

I like to work out daily, however, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t beat myself up about it or feel guilt.  I would simply put it off for a day or two and relax a bit.  I have also learned that sometimes, emails and work just have to wait due to family and children.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Concentrate on one thing, get that right, then move onto the next.

How can other women connect with, or work with you?

I would love to connect with “my people”!  I have a Discover Your Awesomeness workshop coming up in Melbourne at some stage soon.  I am yet to set a date.  So, the best way is to connect on social media and my website and stay tuned for updates.

I would love to hear from you or meet you! Sending you all love and blessings xx

Out of the blue book


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