July 2018 Content Calendar

One thing I’ve really been pushing myself to work harder on in the second half of 2018 is pre-planning content for my business. When it comes to juggling a full time job + my side hustle business and a blog, things can undoubtedly get a little overwhelming. When it comes to goals and how to achieve them, if you haven’t got a plan on how you’re going to achieve them you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

With this in mind I decided to design a FREE July 2018 content calendar that you guys can use too! Set yourself up for success this month and use our free content calendar planner.

content calendar download

Download your free content calendar

  • Download your free July 2018 Content Calendar right here.
  • Print and pop your calendar on your wall or desk and start planning your blog or businesses’ social media content for the month ahead. Just make sure it’s somewhere you can see it regularly so you can continue to add to it, update it and be reminded of how on top of your game you are this month!
  • Don’t forget to schedule in some time for yourself too! Like a lunch date with your bestie or a date night with your partner. It’s important to treat yo’self every once in a while too! 😉

If you find this planner useful and love using it in your day-to-day don’t forget to tag me so I can see what you’re up to! Use @darlingdesignco on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to re-share your work! XX


content calendar download


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