Luxe for less: the pink blazer

I’m officially on a budget this year and it’s of course a blessing and a curse when it comes to my online shopping addiction! We’re currently saving pennies for an overseas trip for our friends’ wedding in August PLUS saving for our own nuptials next April. It’s super exciting stuff to save for, but I have to admit, it’s been tough when it comes to reminding myself not to buy new things when this season’s clothes are just SO good!

I decided I would start to put my online inter-web browsing to some good use and introduce a ‘Luxe for less’ segment to my blog for all of the gals out there (like me) looking for gorgeous new items to add to our wardrobes without hefty price tags. I’m always a sucker for big branded items but I do love to grab myself a sale or a bargain when I can!

All of the items I share in these posts will be sourced from online retailers so if you do find something you like, whether it be a splurge item or one on the cheap, you’ll easily be able to pick them up online!

pink blazer

Pretty in pink

This winter the blazer has made a real come back and I am really into it! I’ve owned a few blazers in my years, including an electric blue blazer with shoulder pads that I still can’t seem to part with because I am secretly hoping it’ll come back in fashion one day soon! If you’re a regular follower of my blog or social media accounts it’ll come as no surprise that pink is my favourite colour and I really love the look of a pink blazer. It’s both girly and classy and could easily double as a going out number or something you could wear to the office as a change up from the traditional corporate black or grey.

I’ve been seeing pink blazers pop up all over the place and when I saw the beautiful Sarah Battaglia Blazer on Netaporter I knew I couldn’t justify paying nearly $900 for it (as pretty as it is). After doing some research I found this one from Zara which looks to be really well made and nicely tailored for under $200, and this one by Marks and Spencer .

The Marks and Spencer number really has the be the deal of the season for under $70! I’ve seen a few instagram influencers getting around in this blazer and it looks amazing and is so affordable (you can’t say no to that).

Dress any of these blazers up with some heels and black 7/8 pants or skinny jeans, or down with a pair of white sneakers and blue denim jeans. I love this look! Happy guilt-free shopping xx



  1. 05/07/2018 / 4:53 PM

    wow…. this looks awesome. I really liked this pink blazer. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • 13/07/2018 / 4:01 PM

      Thanks for stopping by! I love the blazer too! x

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