Mastering The Art of Slow Living: Every day Grateful

Those close to me know it’s not uncommon to see me stressed, anxious or in a panic about the tasks I have on my plate. I’m not proud to admit I have a decent amount of stress in my life and I am forever taking on far too many jobs at once. My boyfriend Travis is the complete opposite to me, I guess that’s why we work so well as a couple, but I often find myself wishing I was more like him. More relaxed, less high strung, more open to accepting ‘whatever happens, happens’. It’s taken me a long time to realise how simple happiness is, and how it has absolutely nothing to do with more money, the amount of possessions you have or getting a better job. In stead, it has everything to do with gratitude.

Slow living


Slow living is not a new concept and it’s probably a true representation of the world we live in when I see people talking about the principles of slowing down more often. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of ‘slow living’ or living simpler and I’ve thought it sounds like something I’d want to do yet I never actually considered how to do it. Slow living is also considered mindful living and is a lifestyle that focuses on slower approaches to aspects of everyday life.

I recently posted this quote on my instagram feed after a beautiful yoga class I attended recently. I’m not sure what it was about the class that made me start to think about a few things but I guess that’s the beauty of yoga – it can really tap into your thoughts and your soul. I was lying there during the Savasana part of the class and realised I was so freakin’ relaxed. I had been waiting for this part of the class all afternoon – I mean let’s be honest, the best part about yoga is the peaceful ‘nap-like’ moment we get to enjoy at the end of the class while we meditate. I’ve never been able to meditate, and it’s always something I’d hope would eventually come naturally to me but my mind has forever been busy. But as I lay there in the dark on my yoga mat I felt at peace… and almost asleep.

After I left the class I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to stop focusing on how busy I have been lately and start focusing on the present moment. There have been countless times Travis has spoken to me while I’m at my desk working and I can’t even remember what he has said because I’ve been too wrapped up in my own ‘busyness’ to bother to take a moment to stop and listen. I hate feeling like I’ve missed anything important and there’s nothing worse than your loved one feeling disappointed because they can tell you aren’t even listening to what they’re saying! How rude!


For the first time in my life I’ve decided to stop pushing so hard to better the things I have in my life, particularly in business. It can be so hard as an entrepreneur in a saturated market of incredible people doing incredible things to look at ourselves and not compare. I know I am THE hardest critic on my work and I need to learn to stop sabotaging my abilities with negative thoughts and comments. I read a quote recently that reminded me to stop longing for “more” or for “better” and to start to appreciate what I already have because once upon a time what I have right now is exactly what I was once longing for.

How easy is it to forget how lucky we are? How easy is it to get caught up in saying ‘yes’ to every job, every volunteer committee role, every person who wants or needs something from us? In stead of focusing on what I need for my own sanity and self care I’ve been spreading myself so thin that there have been days I’ve thought I was headed for a breakdown.


Now I’m no spiritual gypsy, life coach or enlightened being but I do know I need to start accepting that time is fleeting and I want to enjoy every moment I can while I am still here. Although I adore working for myself and building a business, I need to stop focusing all of my energy on this and realise the business will grow at its own pace and organically if it’s meant to.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop working or promoting my services, it just means I am going to stop pushing constantly when it’s unnecessary. There will always be people out there who are more driven, more committed and better at their jobs and I’m learning to accept this. I’m totally okay with my abilities and I’ve come so far in my short career, I’m going to stop doubting what I’ve done and start celebrating what I’ve achieved.

everyday gratefulSource:, Photographer Brooke Cagle.

I’m going to start focusing on being thankful and grateful for the things in my life and I’m going to start documenting them as often as I can. How many of us can write down or photograph at least one thing each day we are grateful for? How amazing would it be to look back on our years past and see all of the beautiful moments (small or large) and realise how truly lucky we already are?

You can join me too! I’ll be documenting my daily or weekly grateful moments using the Day One app. This app allows me to take pictures, write a note or small journal each day and it’ll record dates, times, weather and locations of that exact moment. I wont share every special moment but I will share some with you regularly. It’ll encourage me to start to see the beauty in the insignificant and to appreciate all of the amazing things I have in my life.

Now in saying all of this, I am SO grateful for Travis and the amazing home-cooked meal he has on the stove top ready and waiting for me to log off, so I’m off to enjoy it!

What are you grateful for today?

Ellie xx

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  1. Ann
    16/06/2017 / 4:38 PM

    I really enjoyed this Ellie and can so relate to having too many tasks on the go at once…BUT…I do love that moment when you can give a completed task a big tick or put a line through it – preferably in thick red pen and sometimes I’ve rewritten it just so I can tick it off again because it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment and moving forward, generally to the next task!

    • 19/06/2017 / 6:57 AM

      thank you for the lovely comment Ann!

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