My ‘get-sh*t sorted’ goals for 2017

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I am one of those people who make new year resolutions each year and despite how some people feel about the old ‘resolution’, I happen to love them. Resolutions for me are about setting goals for myself and I kind of feel like it’s more about manifesting the things I want to achieve for the year rather than creating an impossible task I know I’ll never get to tick off my list. This year I plan to be the most organised I’ve ever been in my business by taking control of my tasks and to-dos and get sh*t sorted!

Organised AF in 2017…

My first stop of the route to organisational bliss was purchasing a 2017 diary (with a day to a page) to jot down my daily tasks and to-dos. The only way I seem to remember all the things I need to do in my biz life is to keep a to-do list and check in with it regularly. I am STILL finding emails in my inbox that I should have attended to weeks ago and there is nothing more frustrating to me (and my clients of course) than finding an unanswered email lost in the hundreds of other emails in my inbox.

I have decided that I love the feeling of pen on paper and my Kikki K 2017 diary has been a God send while I am sitting in my office. On the days I am not in my studio and working at my day-job when I don’t have my planner handy I’ve resorted to using a digital to-do list and task manager to keep me in check.

I recommend using Asana which is a free digital tool that allows you to track and monitor tasks and projects individually or within a team. I was first introduced to Asana about a year ago when I was freelancing for a digital magazine. Me and another designer were assigned tasks from our manager and we could easily interact with one another on the status of each job – leave feedback, updates and (my favourite part) tick off jobs as they were completed.

I’ve only recently started to use Asana for my own freelance tasks and to-dos but I am already finding it useful in helping to remind me of jobs I have due. Asana sends me an email when a task’s due date is approaching and reminds me if any of my to-dos are overdue (SO helpful!)

In another aspect of keeping my mind free-flowing of all my tasks is through personal journaling. I have always, always been a journaller (is that a word?!) and have kept a personal diary throughout my entire life. Some years I would write every week, sometimes I’d only manage an entry every month but either way I find I really enjoy the process of writing out my thoughts outside of my business on a more personal, reflective level. Sometimes I’ll sit down and realise I’m not really writing anything of importance but it’s still nice to get my thoughts out on paper. I find my best journaling and thinking is done when I’m traveling (which is just another excuse for me to keep globe trotting, I say 😉 )

When my boyfriend and I did two months of tripping across Europe in 2015 I wrote SO much! I almost completely filled my diary and found I was having the most incredible urge to create and brainstorm ideas for my design work (including several other business ideas!) and had the most incredible pull to write daily, sometimes twice a day. Often while we were on trains traveling across the country side to places like Prague and Sorrento my hand would take over and my mind would word vomit ideas and thoughts and it felt amazing!

I so encourage anyone who’s a bit of a creative type to try out journaling and see where it takes them outside of their business, if not just for the release from working behind the computer screen.

I am hoping by working on my to-dos both on paper and digitally this year will mean I can keep myself on track and feel a little more in control of my work and enjoy more time for fun stuff outside of work stress!

What are your ‘goals’ or resolutions within your business this year?  Xx

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