Making healthy habits: my morning routine

morning routine

As I get older I realize how important daily routines are. Gone are the days where I’m restricted by the schedules of school or university, and some days when I’m freelancing from home, I have no strict schedule to follow either. To some this might sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but for me, having no routine in my day means utter chaos. This month I am determined to implement more healthy habits in my life and starting with my morning routine seems like the best place to begin.


Is anyone married to or in a relationship with a partner who regularly snoozes their alarm in the mornings? Yeah, me too. But I can’t critisize, I’ve been that person too. It’s just so easy to snooze the alarm rather than actually getting up the moment it bleeps, am I right?

I’m a firm believer rising early in the morning is a sure-fire way to feel more in control and better prepped for the day ahead. I’ve been trying to start my day around 5.30am. It’s the same time my boyfriend wakes for work so it makes it easier on both of us to get up and start the day at the same time. There’s nothing worse than seeing your partner getting the sleep in you so desperately want!

By rising at 5.30am I’m able to get SO many more tasks completed before most of the world has even got out of bed! The key to making it simpler and more pleasant to rise early is to get to bed early, or at least earlier than 10pm or 11pm. I always feel so much better in the morning if I’ve made it to bed by 10pm – anything earlier than this time is an added bonus!


After I climb out of bed on a couple of mornings in my week I head down to my local gym for a 30-minute high intensity work out session. I’ve only recently joined a new morning fitness class and I’m loving it. I think getting up the motivation to work out is so much of a mental thing and by knowing this class is only 30 minutes long (but still super tough) helps me get motivated to tick it off my to-do list first thing. It’s like the perfect bite-sized workout and I get to burn some mega calories for the day ahead.

I think most people will agree with me when I say completing a morning work out is much easier than tackling a gym session after work. I know sometimes some of us don’t have the choice when it comes to work and family commitments, but I plan to get out as early as I can to keep my body moving to help improve my health and my mood for the day ahead.


This is definitely a new addition to my morning routine and an attempt to remind myself to stop and take a moment to breathe and appreciate all of the good things in my life. I am the first  to admit I am a person who stresses about almost everything, especially when it comes to business, money and family (… okay, so basically everything!) I often find myself stressing when business is slow, stressing when business is booming and then stressing that I won’t be able to continue to keep up with the booming business! I know a lot of people will be thinking ‘how is journaling going to stop you from stressing?’, well the answer is it mightn’t but I’m willing to give it a go. By focusing on the good things in my life and taking a moment to jot down the things I am grateful for each day might just bring my focus back to what’s really important and remind me to put my energy into the things I can change rather than the things I can’t.

I love the idea of a daily gratitude journal and recently came across the five minute journal on another blog I follow. I really love the idea of setting intentions in the morning and revisiting them in the evening.


Ever since I’ve became interested and more in-tune with fitness and really placed an emphasis on the importance of health and wellness have I really paid attention to the amount of water I drink daily. I used to be the type of person who would be lucky to drink two glasses of water a day and always wondered why I felt head-achey and sluggish. Thankfully I’ve never been one to enjoy soft drinks so drinking water is normal for me but training myself to drink more of it has been a test! A large part of creating a healthier morning routine would have to involve drinking more water. Our bodies become so dehydrated during the night and I want to ensure I drink at least 500ml of water before breakfast. I aim to drink at least 2L of water in total per day. I’ve invested in a 2.2L Big Bottle Co water jug and I also use a 1L Tupperware bottle regularly in my office so I can easily track my progress.


Messy house, messy life. Can anyone relate to this feeling? When things around my home, desk or office are messy or disorganised it can often make me feel like everything is a little all over the place and this starts in the bedroom. My mum has always been a habitual bed-maker and her and my dad’s room is always ridiculously tidy and, it might sound silly, but their room looks so much more inviting as a place of rest because of it. To me a messy bed with sheets and the doona strewn across the room really doesn’t look inviting at the end of the day, especially not in comparison to a neatly laid out bed. It feels a little chaotic and I kind of relate it to a stressful, rushed morning – which are things I certainly don’t want to be feeling at the beginning of the day! By making the bed as a part of my morning routine it sort of symbolizes the beginning of the day – sleep time is over and it’s time to tackle what lies ahead.

By implementing a few seemingly simple tasks to my morning routine I feel like my head is less cluttered and I am physically and mentally prepared to tackle (and enjoy) the remainder of the day!

Ellie x

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