3 Reasons Why the New Spell Designs Collection is a Boho Bride’s Dream

Being a future bride I am currently subscribed to (and a little obsessed with) a few wedding related blogs and websites (can’t blame a girl for getting a little inspo, right?!). So when I saw Spell & The Gypsy Collective was launching a new line of bridal gowns I was so excited to see what magic they’d come up with in the new collection. Personally I had never thought of the ‘boho bride’ look for myself, but I can appreciate the gorgeousness that is Spell Bride (and their styling is ah-mazing), plus I never shy away from a good peek at some stunning gowns!

If you’re in the market for a bridal gown (or simply love a gander at anything wedding related), here’s 3 reasons why the new Spell Designs collection might just suit you and your style for your upcoming nuptials.

boho bride

Fabulously affordable

Any past or present bride knows as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is thrown about when it comes to obtaining quotes and booking vendors the dollars start to increase. I’m not sure what it is about weddings but these days the average wedding costs more than a pretty penny (approx $50,000 in Australia to be exact). So imagine my surprise when I saw the price point for the new bridal collection sitting between $349 and $1,300! I was so impressed, and these gowns are nothing short of amazing. It pays to save money wherever you can when it comes to wedding planning so being able to nab an incredibly beautiful gown for under $2,000 AUD is pretty amazing.

boho bride

Feminine & flattering

The beauty of the ‘boho’ look is there is often an emphasis on flowing fabrics and soft drapery which is super flattering on any body type. Key features to the new collection include delicate lace and intricate details which ooze femininity. And who doesn’t want to look like an ethereal goddess on their wedding day, right!? I adore the fabrics in this collection, particularly the quality of the lace. Sooooo pretty!

boho bride

boho bride

Hand crafted & sustainably produced

I’ve been a huge fan of Spell Designs for a while now and one of the key features to their business is ethically creating beautiful garments. Their luxe lace factory is based in China, and all of the incredible intricate detailing is done by hand! Spell Designs pride themselves on ensuring quality control measures are met across all of their garment suppliers and I really love that about them.  An excerpt from the Spell website explains the company’s purpose perfectly…

Spell believes in sustainability. It is an important part of who we are and our future journey. Some may say the fashion industry, by its very consumerist nature, may never coexist with sustainability… But we are committed to creating consciously so we can minimise harm to our planet in every aspect of our business. It is our vision to continue to create beautiful garments that inspire change towards truly sustainable fashion. From the fibres we use, to the printing techniques, from our Artisan projects to the footprint we leave, we are on a journey not only to minimise harm but create positive change for people, communities and the planet along the way.  It’s a journey and we want to share it with you.

boho bride

boho bride

Shop the full collection online here.

All imagery by Carly Brown Photography via Spell Designs & The Gypsy Collective.


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